Wednesday, September 30, 2009

thank you Lord for the sunlight

I can't think of anything to write. The last typhoon that hit the country five days ago indeed left many of my countrymen homeless. Some even lost members of the family. I am just lucky my place is far from those gravely affected. But emotionally, I am, or I'd rather say, we are affected. In this time of disaster and depression, camaraderie and charity can be seen. May I appeal to everybody who could read this to please lend a hand in every little way we can. Prayers can do.

Monday, September 21, 2009

a day out

....enjoying the water....

Photo was taken a month ago when we were still enjoying the weekend. (Kids spent hours swimming back and forth the pool.) No weekends for me to enjoy these days as I have to report to work every Saturday. I am not seen in the pic; yet I keep on saying "enjoying" weekends. Well, when the kids enjoy, so do I. :=D

Water is 7 feet deep. They plunge without fear and hesitations. They can swim in there. Unlike me, I never tried swimming, deep or shallow. But am not afraid of water! Just don't know how to float.(hahahaha) Tell me, is it a bit late for me to learn the skill? Uh-uh...:=D.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

blue from here

Tranquility.... hope.... serenity..... peace....

How nice to watch the sun as it seems to go down and kiss the sea! I feel so blessed... I got eyes to see this wonder. As the day ends, hope springs in my heart that tomorrow will be fruitful for all of us... I always wonder... why is it that every time I look at the vastness of the sea, I find tranquility? Why is there peace with the blue sky and the deep blue sea? So serene... and refreshing to the mind and soul.

(The picture shows Paguriran Beach at Bacon District, Sorsogon City, Philippines...)

Friday, September 11, 2009

on and off... up and down...

On and off... up and down..... annoying indeed to see the signal bars go up and down, Internet on and off.... Anybody who can help me with my wireless signal problem? It is so irritating that when you are in the middle of typing, the signal would go very low and cut off. Is there anything we can do to combat this "on and off" Internet connection? What could be the best solution for it ( other than replacing my router =D)??? I had surfed the net but was not satisfied with what I had read.... hope somebody could help me soon...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

busy as a bee

Been quite some time since I last came to write.... busy as a bee? Partly, yes, but the truth is, i can not think of anything to start to.... Today, I am very impressed with my friend's blog about death and glory and it had sank in me that busy as we are, we should always find time to thank God for giving us another day in this world. At least an hour of devotion to Him, an hour of church service for Him in a week compared to 168 hours He gives us every week, it is not too much, correct?

May God bless us all always and guide us in everything we do that we do it correctly and along His will for us to assured of a glorious life with Him come our judgment day....

Monday, August 17, 2009

(1- 2-) Tree 4 Life

Inhale....... Exhale...... inhale, exhale... mmmmmmmm, fresh air. Breath slowly, deeply. Breath more and fill your lungs with all the air you can take in. So nice to wake up every morning and face life. Life? Yes, life.. life which is very promising with trees around. Trees which are our partners in life. Partners indeed that without trees, we would die. Trees give us oxygen, the air that we breath, life for us. As we give off carbon dioxide, we in return, support the life of the trees. Trees take in carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen. Brilliant work of God to show interdependence between animals (including us) and trees. The more trees we have, the more oxygen for us. On the other hand, the less trees we have, the less oxygen and the more carbon dioxide for us making our planet Earth warm and hot... uncomfortable to live in... so we choose now... a place comfortable to live in or the irony? Just a thought spoken aloud.... =D

Friday, August 14, 2009 help us God.......

Friday....... week end.. two days holiday.... or is it? No. A memo was passed last week about the start of our Saturday review classes in lieu of the national achievement test comes late February or early March of 2010. Meaning, we are oblige to report on Saturdays. I am not complaining. I know it is part of my duty as an educator. But then, is it not useless to start the review this early? Whether we accept it or not, students and pupils of today are very different. They have less retentivity. They have very short span of interest and most of them are less privileged to eat the proper nutrition they need for their mind and brain to work. A handful of them eats thrice a day. Most of them eat twice daily or worse, once a day. You can argue all you want. I am talking about my own class. This situation is unknown to those in the office as they do not mingle with the lowest member of the system. Most of my class would be absent because they would help their parents earn a living or attend to their younger siblings as their parents are working.

The honest objective of this review is to raise the performance level of the school, the division and the region. Hoping that the students and pupils will attain the skills they ought to have. Teachers teach. I teach. But then, no matter how hard you teach and how hard you motivate, if your clients are not ready, starving and are stressed, will there be learning? Honestly, I doubt.